Am HaSefer Yeshiva Smicha Program


This program is designed to train qualified men to serve as rabbis and to help them support the spiritual life of their congregations and communities. Am HaSefer Smicha program is designed to teach qualified Jewish men a variety of skills to help support communal worship, life-cycle events and educational opportunities.


Participants in our program may use these skills in various ways—by serving a congregation that is in need of a rabbi; by working in an assisted living facility or adult community; or by teaching in a Yeshiva.


Prerequisite knowledge: Students must demonstrate an extensive Jewish knowledge of Torah, Halacha, Talmudic texts, etc… Ability to read Hebrew proficiently is necessary to complete the program.


The Curriculum

(this is just a basic outline, there is much more)


Successful completion of the Smicha program requires demonstrated competency in the following:


1. Kashrut

2. Conduct a Jewish funeral

3. Conduct a hospital visit

4. Prepare and deliver a d’var Torah

5. Conduct a Shiva minyan

6. Conduct an unveiling

7. Lead a Passover seder

8. Conduct a baby naming and co-officiate with Mohel at a Brit Milah

9. Lead Birkat Hamazone

10. Make Kiddush for Shabbat meals

11. Lead Havdalah

12. Prepare and lead a Torah study

13. Have an aliyah to the Torah

14. Organize and lead Havurot

15. Preside at a Mezuzah affixing ceremony

16. Know bracha for putting on a Tallit

17. Know traditional Jewish songs

18. Know blessings and basic prayer melodies

19. Know how to lay T’fillin

20. Complete 100 Question test of Jewish knowledge

21. Lead Shaharit daily services

22. Lead minha daily servics

23. Lead Maariv daily services

24. Lead Kabbalat and Erev Shabbat services

25. Hebrew reading ability

26. Knowledge Basic tunes for Torah and haftarah chanting


*Cost, including course, certification session with Beit Din and materials is $150.00

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