Rabbi Aminadav Hinton

Rosh Ha'Kollel


Jewish DNA is Sephardim, Mizrahi, Portugal, Mozambique, Ibo and Jewish Middle Eastern ancestry. He has received Rabbinic Smicha from Yeshivat Tefilat Institute-Rabbi Aharon Ben Yaakov, Rabbi Yaakov Cassady. Orthodox Smicha from Am Ha'Sefer Yeshiva- Rabbi Elkana Ben Avraham - And took on the position of Rosh Ha’Kollel for the Yeshiva. In January 2016 He received Yoreh, Yoreh, Yadin, Yadin and along with Rabbi Ancel Salamon and Rabbi Elkana Ben Avraham co-founded and are Judges at: Beit Din Chovah Musarit.


Copyright 5774- Copyright #
PHMO-DDX4-KZ1X-FOV9. EIN: 51-0501279
CNP: J:04.850.394/0001-28 RF- 026

Visit the Beit Din at: http://beitdinchovahmusarit.jimdo.com

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