This book reveals how the man Jesus could not have been the Messiah mentioned in the Jewish scriptures. 
The evidence in this book proves that there were many people named Jesus in Israel at the time. Evidence from the scriptures prove "undeniably" that he could not have been G-d in the flesh. This book shows that the stories of ancient pagan gods were applied to the Jesus of the New Testament.


About the Author

Rabbi Franklin Cummings (Hebrew name: Rav Elkana Ben Avraham) was born in Iowa City, Iowa on February 4th, 1971. He received his first Smicha ( Jewish Ordination) from Sulam Yaakov 2012. In 2014 he received his second Smicha from Yeshiva Baal Kore. Rabbi Franklin Cummings (Rav Elkana Ben Avraham) is currently Rosh Yeshiva at Am HaSefer Yeshiva in Statesville/Charlotte, NC. He is also the co-founder of Keeping Judah Jewish Org.