Borei Minei Mezonot


"Borei Minei Mezonot" ("who creates forms of sustenance") is the bracha (blessing) made before foods that aren't "bread", but are still made primarily of wheat, barley, spelt, oats, or rye. Pasta and cheerios, for instance, are "mezonot", not "hamotzee" (bread). Afterwards, instead of full bentching, there's a much shorter blessing, Al HaMichya (it's about one paragraph long).


An additional point of interest: Although a bracha of shehakol should suffice for all foods, Chazal established different brachos based on a) specificity (so if the food is from the ground it's haadama, tree is haetz; and b) the prominance of the food. When a food satiates a person, it becomes important and gets a mezonos (corn is mezonos acc. to some). When a food becomes a bread- a staple of a meal, it has even more importance and gets a special bracha- hamotzi.